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The Shield NOLA, LLC

The Shield NOLA, LLC

Drink ware:

Digital Thermos


Wine glasses

Snow globes


Iced lid toppers

This small business was established in June 2020 during the COVID pandemic.  Struggling to understand COVID and it’s tens of thousands of deaths (while infected myself) I knew I had to stay safe and alive.  Initially I started my business with face shields and face masks.  After mandatory phase started fading out, I had to think of other products to keep my small business afloat.   Realizing I was drinking lots of liquids, the brand was re-birth.  As I laid in bed not knowing my future, I decided to seek a manufacturer for Tumblers/Thermos. I choose different styles and vibrant popping colors.  Doing Popup shops, having a website developed and posting on social media outlets, I began growing my brand.   Adopting the “Fleur de lis” as my logo,  it’s the perfect symbol to represent NOLA.

I am pleased and stand behind my products and hope everyone who sees my site would  be moved to purchase an item or two or three for family, friends or themselves. I guarantee, you will be pleased…🥰🍾